Rougeau Knives

About Derick

Early in life Derick Rougeau knew that he was destined for the arts, and began a career in graphic design while exploring many different forms of art techniques and processes. His ability to teach himself through independent study and research has allowed him to progress his skills and confidence quickly for more than two decades, while achieving a successful career. With the digital revolution the industry changed and virtually all content was now being created on the computer and traditional hands-on skills started to fade away.

“When you work on a computer all day, you don’t want to come home and sit at a computer all night.”

So in 2007 Derick started to learn the art of knifemaking and set out to create works of art using his hands, once again. Through his extensive design skills he has developed the art of new and sexy blade design for the twenty-first century, using both modern and traditional materials. His love for the blade came from his father who collected knives and swords when he was a young lad, and naturally Derick’s fascination grew to what it is today.


“I always wanted to know how to make a knife or sword and once I did my research I was hooked. It’s extremely difficult to make a good living at knife making so I maintain a full time job consequently my time given to knife making is limited. However I enjoy making these steel beauties for enthusiasts and collectors to enjoy. And I must say some of the most generous and friendly people I’ve met have been knifemakers and I hope to follow in their footsteps!” – Derick Rougeau